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I'd like to know more about the Grandstream BudgeTone-101 IP Telephone...
Start saving on phonecalls now!!

The Grandstream BudgeTone 101 allows you to make and receive phonecalls with your broadband connection - simple sign up with a VoIP provider, plug the IP phone into your router, hub or similar, then enter the settings given to you by your VoIP provider (free, or if charged, usually cheaper than Skype rates). After that you can make and receive calls, without even having to switch your computer on!

Digidave recommends these VoIP providers:
Ireland - http://www.freespeech.ie
UK - http://www.sipgate.co.uk
The Grandstream BudgeTone-101 IP Telephone provides:
  • Open Standards Compatibility
  • Superb Audio Quality
  • Rich Functionalities
  • Affordablity

We've put together a handy quickstart guide for this phone - click here.

For full product info, click here to view this item in our shop.

For even more info, click here for the manufacturer's Grandstream BudgeTone-101 page.

Click the "Buy Now button to get the Grandstream BudgeTone 101 IP phone now!

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