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I'd like to know more about the U.S. Robotics USR8054 802.11g WiFi Router...

100Mbps 802.11g Wireless Turbo Router
U.S. Robotics 802.11g Wireless Turbo networking products offer a total solution. Our simple to install portfolio is sure to meet your particular networking needs.

Includes Accelerator Technology
Send and receive data at performance levels equivalent to 100 Mbps all on a single channel to ensure greater network capacity and the highest data throughput. Exclusive 100 Mbps Accelerator Technology.

Greater 802.11g/b Wireless Compatibility
Maximize the speed you purchased greater 802.11g and 802.11b compatibility allows each device to connect at the fastest speed possible!

Access Point
Provides seamless connectivity with both wired and wireless networks.

Greater Range
Wirelessly network with 30% greater range and better area coverage than conventional 54 Mbps wireless products.

Detachable Antennas
Dual dipole antennas with reverse polarity SMA connectors easily detaches for upgrading/replacing for enhanced performance.

  • Dual swivel antenna: adjustable for best signal
  • Reset button: easy to reset to factory default
  • 4 LAN ports: for connecting up to 4 computers with Ethernet cables
  • WAN port: just connect a cable from this port to the Ethernet port on your broadband modem
  • Power supply: standard UK power supply (supplied) plugs in here
Update the firmware on your router - get 125 Mbps transfer speeds!

Click here to get the firmware and instructions on how to update: http://www.usr.com/125/

Click the "Buy Now button to get the U.S. Robotics USR8054 802.11g WiFi Router now!

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