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Getting more out of Broadband!

Got Broadband - what now?

So, you've got broadband, and now you can surf the web faster, download files faster, get those email attachments faster. You may be thinking - well, what else can I do? There are many useful, fun, and money saving things you can do with that broadband connection.
  • You can share the Internet connection with other PC's and laptops in your home, so more than one person can surf the web at the same time.
  • You can get use your broadband connection for VoIP telephony, and make huge savings on your phone bills.
  • You can install small, inexpensive Internet cameras that can monitor your home, and check these cameras from any PC with an Internet connection - even if you are away from home!
  • You can connect gaming consoles to the Internet for fast, multi-player gameplay.

Sharing broadband
VoIP telephony IP surveillance Console gaming

Equipment - what do I need?

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Getting more out of Broadband - VoIP - what equipment do I need?

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