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Receiving email - AOL users
AOL have recently implemented new software which has restricted the ability of AOL users to receive email.
In an effort to reduce the amount of unsolicited mail (spam), AOL have introduced new filters. These filters are arbitrarily blocking messages from many companies, including digidave.co.uk.
There are several steps we recommend if you are expecting a reply from us but have not received it:
1. Set the address sales@digidave.co.uk as "allowed" in your email settings.
2. Use a different email account (eg Gmail or Yahoo) to message us. We will answer to the email address that you send from.
We do not send, nor have we ever sent unsolicited mail. We will only send you mail if you ask us to, or if we need to in order to complete a transaction with you.
We believe that AOL has a responsibility to ensure that your email reaches you. You are, after all, paying for their service. If you find that our messages are not reaching you, we suggest you ask AOL to put this right and ensure that they deliver your mail properly.
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