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Installation guide - Netgear wireless router

Thanks for purchasing a Netgear router from us! Please read and follow these instructions carefully, and you'll have your router working in a few minutes.
Note: You don't need a CD to install your Netgear router, as the router needs no drivers or software - just follow the instructions on this sheet.

Quick cable installation guide:

Here's a diagram showing the main features of the router:

Note: Netgear recommends installing the router first with an Ethernet cable, to get up-and-running.

1. Connect an Ethernet cable to the Internet port on the Netgear router.

2. Connect the other end of this Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on your ISP-supplied modem and power off your modem. (If your modem has a USB port, and there is a computer connected to this USB port, disconnect it).

3. Connect a second Ethernet cable to LAN port 1 on the Netgear router.

4. Connect the other end of this second Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on your computer.

5. Make sure your computer is set to get an IP address from your router/modem - see the table below for your operating system:
Windows 98SE/Me Windows 2000/XP Vista Apple Mac OS
1. Click Windows' 'Start' menu, then 'Settings', then click 'Control Panel'.
2. Double-click the 'Network' icon.
3. Under the 'Configuration' tab, select 'TCP/IP' for the network adapter you want to use to connect to your Netgear router.
4. Click 'Properties'.
5. Select 'Obtain an IP address automatically'.
6. Click 'OK' twice.
1. Click Windows' 'Start' menu, then 'Settings/Control Panel', then click 'Network Connections'.
2. Right-click Local Area Connection icon.
3. Click 'Properties'.
4. Select 'Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)'.
5. Click 'Properties'.
6. Select 'Obtain an IP address automatically' and 'Obtain DNS server automatically'.
7. Click 'OK' twice.
1. Click the Windows icon (bottom-left of screen), go to 'Network', right click, and select 'Properties'
2. In the 'Network and sharing center', click 'Manage Network Connections'
3. Right-click 'Local Area Connection' and select 'Properties'
5. A new window will open; select 'Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)' and click 'Properties'
6. Select 'Obtain an IP address automatically' and 'Obtain DNS server automatically'.
7. Click 'OK' then 'Close'
1. OSX: From the dock or Apple menu, open 'System Preferences', and click on 'Network'.
1. OS9: From the Apple menu, open 'Control Panels>TCP/IP'.
2. In 'Show:/Connect via': Select 'Ethernet Slot 0 / Ethernet Adapter for USB connection' or 'Built-in Ethernet for Ethernet Connection'.
3. In 'Configure': select the option 'Using DHCP'.
4. Click 'Save/Apply Now'and close the window.

6. Power on your ISP-supplied modem. Leave it for 5 minutes to boot fully.

7. Plug in, and power on your Netgear router. Leave it for 5 minutes to boot fully.

8. Restart your computer.

9. Open Internet Explorer, or Firefox, or whatever web browser you like. Go to the address bar of your web browser, type http://www.routerlogin.net and hit Enter- this is the address of the router. It is not a live web page on the internet - it brings you to the router's internal configuration page, so you can complete the setup.

10. When prompted, enter username admin and for password password

11. Select the router's setup wizard, and allow it to detect your internet connection type.
Follow the wizard, accepting the defaults - the router will pick up all the information it needs from your modem.

12. When the setup wizard is finished, try loading a web page - you should be browsing the web!

13. To connect a computer wirelessly, just search for the available wireless network called Netgear with your wirelessly-enabled computer, and connect.

You'll need to set security on your router - the reference manual tells you exactly how to do this.
Download the full manual from the Netgear website - just type the model number of your router (e.g. WGR614 or WPN824 or WGT624) into the Search box and hit enter.

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kenneth Burke (kenneth.burke@ntlworld.com) - 04 Jul 2009

Hi I have just spent 5 hrs looking for info on netgear range master wpn 824 about to throw it agast the wall. stmbled on to your site low and behold theres the info I need by the way bought it from planet78 no drvers no maul supplied just a bit of paper telling me to look on netgear when buy a router it was a toss up between you or him what a big mistake I made .
Thanks once again
Kind fregards Ken
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