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Wireless installation guide - 2Wire 2700HG ADSL modem/wireless router

Thanks for purchasing a 2Wire ADSL modem/wireless router from us! Please follow these instructions carefully, and you'll have it working in a few minutes.
Note: You don't need a CD to install your 2Wire modem/router wirelessly, as the unit needs no drivers or software - just follow the instructions on this sheet.

Quick wireless installation guide:

Note: This guide assumes you have a wirelessly-enabled laptop or desktop computer.

Here's a diagram showing the main features of the modem/router. (The wireless antenna is internal to the unit).

Before you start, make sure you've uninstalled and disconnected your ISP-supplied modem completely.

1. Reset the 2Wire modem/router to factory default settings: while the router/modem is plugged in, push and hold in the reset recess at the back of the router/modem with the tip for a pen for 60 seconds. Then disconnect from power, and reconnect to power.

2. Connect your ADSL phone cable from your ADSL filter to the PHONE LINE port on the 2Wire modem/router. Leave it for 5 minutes - the DSL light will turn green after a time, when it syncs with the ADSL line. (When setup is complete, and you're connected to the internet, the Internet light will turn green).

3. Make sure your computer is set to get an IP address from your router/modem - see the table below for your operating system:
Windows 98SE/Me Windows 2000/XP Vista Apple Mac OS
1. Click Windows' 'Start' menu, then 'Settings', then click 'Control Panel'.
2. Double-click the 'Network' icon.
3. Under the 'Configuration' tab, select 'TCP/IP' for the wireless network adapter you want to use to connect to your 2Wire router/modem.
4. Click 'Properties'.
5. Select 'Obtain an IP address automatically'.
6. Click 'OK' twice.
7. Restart your computer.
1. Click Windows' 'Start' menu, then 'Settings/Control Panel', then click 'Network Connections'.
2. Right-click Wireless Network Connection icon.
3. Click 'Properties'.
4. Select 'Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)'.
5. Click 'Properties'.
6. Select 'Obtain an IP address automatically' and 'Obtain DNS server automatically'.
7. Click 'OK' twice.
1. Click the Windows icon (bottom-left of screen), go to 'Network', right click, and select 'Properties'
2. In the 'Network and sharing center', click 'Manage Network Connections'
3. Right-click 'Wireless Network Connection' and select 'Properties'
4. A new window will open; select 'Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)' and click 'Properties'
5. Select 'Obtain an IP address automatically' and 'Obtain DNS server automatically'.
6. Click 'OK' then 'Close'
1. OSX: From the dock or Apple menu, open 'System Preferences', and click on 'Network'. 1. OS9: From the Apple menu, open 'Control Panels>TCP/IP'.
2. In 'Show:/Connect via': Select 'Ethernet Slot 0 / Ethernet Adapter for USB connection' or 'Built-in Ethernet for Ethernet Connection'.
3. In 'Configure': select the option 'Using DHCP'.
4. Click 'Save/Apply Now'and close the window.
5. Restart your computer.

4. Now, search for the 2Wire's SSID - its wireless network name. The SSID is 2Wire, followed by 3 digits; these 3 digits are the final 3 digits of your router/modem's serial number, for example, 2Wire123:

Vista: Click the Windows icon (bottom-left of screen), then click 'Connect to', and select the 2Wire modem/router.
XP: Click Windows' 'Start', then 'Settings/Control Panel', then click 'Network Connections'. Right-click Wireless Network Connection icon, and click 'View Available Wireless Networks' - select the 2Wire modem/router.

(If you can't see any wireless networks, make sure your wireless network adaptor is switched on and enabled).

5. A wireless network key/security key/passphrase will be requested - you can find this on the base of your modem/router. Type it in each box and click Connect:

6. Open Internet Explorer, or Firefox, or whatever web browser you like. Go to the address bar of your web browser, type and hit Enter- this is the address of the router. It is not a live web page on the internet - it brings you to the router/modem's internal configuration page, so you can complete the setup.

7. The 2Wire modem/router's setup wizard will start - just follow the on-screen instructions. When prompted for a 20-digit keycode from the router's configuration screen, please use this keycode for PPPoA connection, suitable for almost all UK ADSL service providers (Tiscali, TalkTalk, BT, Orange etc.):

8. To complete the installation, you will need your ADSL broadband username and password. This information was supplied to you by your Internet Service Provider when you signed up with their service. If you're not sure of your username and password just phone your ISP and ask them for this information.

9. When the setup wizard is completed, try loading a web page - you should now be connected to the internet through the modem/router!


The DSL light on my modem/router is green, but I can't connect to the internet?

Please make sure your ADSL configuration settings are correct. You can find check/change these in the router/modem's advanced configuration page at http://www. > Broadband Link > Configure. For most UK ADSL ISP's: VPI = 0 VCI = 38 and Encapsulation mode = PPP over ATM (PPPoA).

I can connect to some web pages, but not others (eBay, hotmail, MySpace)

You need to adjust your MTU settings. Log into the router/modem's advanced configuration page at page at and under Advanced, click on 'Configure Services' Set the "Force Upstream MTU" value to 1396 then hit Submit.

If you want to know more about the 2Wire 2700HG ADSL modem/wireless router, download the reference manual and installation guides from www.2wire.com Keywords: 2700HG wireless installation router modem 2wire
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