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What kind of wireless network adaptor should I get?

Each computer you wish to connect to a wireless access point/router must have a wireless network adapter.

Desktops PC's

- Wireless PCI network card - This requires opening the computer case, and inserting the card into a free slot on the motherboard.

- USB wireless adaptor - a small device that plugs into a free USB slot on the computer.

Laptops or Notebooks

- Recent laptops can have wireless connectivity built-in - check your laptop's manual for this. If you have WiFi built in you don't need to get an additional WiFi adaptor.

- Wireless PCMCIA card - This resembles a thick credit card, which inserts into a free Cardbus slot in the laptop.

- USB wireless adaptor - a small device that plugs into a free USB slot on the computer.

In each case you'll install the drivers that come on the CD, and you must configure your adapters after setting up the wireless router.

The products on this page just illustrate the different types of WiFi network adaptor. Check the full range of products at http://www.digidave.co.uk for the products that suit your needs and budget.

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Accurate information. Don`t forget that a PSP (PlayStation Portable) can also connect to a WiFi router.
Jess Gjini - 16 Dec 2005

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