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Installing the 2Wire HomePortal 1000HG/1800HG...

We are unable to offer individual technical support, however we are aware that the instructions for installing this router can cause confusion and would like to offer the advice below for successful installation.

First of all, there is no manual or CD provided with the package. This is intentional and the price reflects this. There is actually no need for a CD, and the manual is available online here:

(Click on user guide for the 1000 series)

Whilst the manual is well written, the manufacturer has tried to cover a lot of ground in one document and we would like to point you straight to the correct installation instructions for this device.

When the manual opens, go to page 12 (as marked on the documentation). You can also jump straight there by clicking on the index entry for "Connect your first computer to the gateway."

Follow the instructions carefully, selecting the option for an "Ethernet" installation.

The installation procedure continues on page 15 and is all done from your web browser.

NOTE: The address to access the modem/router's configuration page is

There are two potential problems you may experience.
If you cannot connect to the gateway/router then check your physical connection is ok, and then ensure that the network settings for your LAN adapter are all set to obtain address and server information automatically. Some older PC's will require rebooting once the cable is connected.

If you can connect to the gateway but not the internet, then seek advice from your ISP. Our experience shows that the most common problem is an incorrect user ID or password. Your ISP can help with this.

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