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Getting more out of Broadband - connecting gaming consoles for online play

With a WiFi router in place, you can share your broadband connection with your PSP, PlayStation 2 or XBox. Note that some games require subscription services, so check beforehand.


The PSP uses the 802.11 WiFi standard for wireless connectivity - it is compatible with whatever WiFi router you choose.

Connecting your PSP to your router via WiFI is easy. Make sure the wi-fi switch on your PSP is flipped up, and then go to the Settings icon on your PSP's main screen. Scroll down to Network Settings, select Infrastructure Mode. Then, click on Connection > enter a connection name > WLAN Settings: Scan > click on the nearest open network > select your WLAN Security Setting (on an open network, select None) > Address Settings: Easy > press the x button To save changes. Now you're ready to go back to the main screen and launch your browser.
See this link for more information: PSP WiFi


The XBox has an Ethernet port in the back - simply run an Ethernet cable from the XBox to one of the 4 ports on the router.

PlayStation 2

There are 2 kinds of PlayStation 2 - one with an Ethernet port, and one without. To see what kind you have, see this guide - PS2 guide.

The newer, smaller model PlayStation 2 has an Ethernet port built-in, so simply plugs into one of the 4 Ethernet ports on the router.

Earlier models of the PlayStation 2 don't have an Ethernet port - see this guide for installing an Ethernet adaptor: PS2 Ethernet guide
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