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Delivery - Royal Mail 1st Class
This information is valid if we have sent your item by Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For.

Please note that your item requires a signature upon delivery. If no-one is able to sign for the parcel then the postman will take it back to the delivery depot for you to collect.
Almost all orders are delivered within two to four working days from despatch.
Your order will be delivered by your postman.
What if my goods haven't arrived?
Check your despatch email. It contains the latest date by which we expect you to receive the item. There is no need to worry until this date, as your item is on its way to you.
Did you receive a card?
The postman will have left a "While You Were Out" card to let you know the item is waiting for you at the local delivery office. If you have this card, then follow the instructions to collect your item.
No Card?
Don't worry. Just go along to your local delivery office and enquire there. You can find their number in the phone book or by searching for Royal Mail and your postcode on http://www.192.com
Your local Post Office does not have this item for you. It is with your local Royal Mail Delivery Office.
Royal Mail Customer Services cannot help you with delivery problems. You must contact your local Royal Mail Delivery Office.
It's Been Returned to Sender!
This happens if you do not collect the item in time from your Royal Mail Delivery Office. It takes up to three weeks for the item to arrive back with us, at which point we will refund you your item price.
If you wish to re-order, we will be happy to help you at our store - http://www.digidave.co.uk
We do not resend items returned to us.
Still No Item?
If you have followed the advice above and Royal Mail confirm that the item has not been delivered, then please contact us.
We will ask Royal Mail to investigate and you may be contacted as part of this process. As soon as Royal Mail indicate that they agree the item is lost, we will issue you a refund or replacement, whichever you prefer. You must allow up to three weeks for any investigation to be completed.
Comments, Questions?
Once we have told you we have despatched your item, Royal Mail are wholly responsible for its safe delivery to you. If you wish to comment on their service, please do so online at http://www.royalmail.com or by calling them on 08457 740 740.
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sandy Michie (scotty2602@hotmail.com) - 01 Jul 2009

Ok royal mail have returned my order back to you - How to I contact you - how do I know you have issued a refund or replacemement? How frustrating this is?
Jimpson (fdgg@hotmail.com) - 05 Oct 2006

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Ashley (ashleyam@usamailz.com) - 20 Sep 2006

Hi. Nice site, good job!
Joseph (Joseph@sndar.com) - 23 Aug 2006

Hi, you have great site! Thank you!
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