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Can I connect a USB modem to a wireless or wired router?
If you are comfortable with networking, you can bridge the router out from a network card on your broadband connected computer. With this method, however, the computer that the USB modem is connected to has to be on all the time if other computers want to connect to the Internet.

Alternatively, you can replace the USB modem provided by your ISP with an Ethernet ADSL modem, such as this one here. An Ethernet modem simplifies the networking process, and, as it controls the Internet connection, no one computer has to be on for the other computers to use the Internet.

Another option, and probably the best for most USB modem users, is to get a WiFi router that has an ADSL modem built-in. This can be the most convenient solution for those with USB ADSL modems, as it can replace your ISP-supplied USB modem and give your home network WiFi functionality all in one box. Please mail us at sales@digidave.co.uk for information about what ADSL WiFi modem/routers we have in stock.
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