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Digidave has sent my item but I have not received it?
If the estimated time of delivery date from the dispatch mail you received from digidave has passed, but you still have not received the item here's what you should do.

If your order was sent Royal Mail 1st Class please read this knowledgebase article - Royal Mail 1st Class

Firstly, check to see the postman/courier has left a card through the letterbox explaining that he/she tried to deliver.

If there is no card, check the despatch email from us - it will tell you:

1. What company is handling your package (Eg. Royal Mail, APC Couriers, UPS)

2. Your tracking Number/reference

If the APC Courier Company is handling your package you will have also received the telephone number of your local depot. Using this number and your tracking number you should contact them and they can update you on your order's progress to you.

If Royal Mail or UPS are handling your package then you can trace the progress of your item using your Tracking Number at www.royalmail.com or www.ups.com

If you were out when they tried to deliver then they will hold the item for a few days. If you do not collect the item after this period the package will be returned to our office.
Neither yourselves or ourselves want this so be vigilant!
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Sandy Michie (scotty2602@hotmail.com) - 01 Jul 2009

so what happens when the royal mail site says they have returned to sender - how do I get my order?
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