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Netgear WG111v2 wireless USB adaptor - Vista Installation guide

You'll first need to download the installation package file from the Digidave support website to your computer; click here to download the file.

1. Double-click the downloaded file wg111v2.zip, and run the Setup.exe file when prompted.

2. Follow the on screen instructions from the installation wizard, accepting the defaults, hitting Next when prompted. The software and drivers will take a couple of minutes to copy to your computer.

3. When prompted, insert the Netgear wireless adaptor to a free USB slot on your computer, click Next and let your computer discover the adaptor and install the drivers it needs.

4. Now choose Europe, then Agree:

5. Choose the second option, Microsoft Windows XP Wireless Zero Configuration, then Finish

6. Close the Netgear software.

7. Click the Vista Start button, then go to Network, and left-click Properties, to open the Network and Sharing Centre.

8. Click Connect to a Network, and choose your own wireless network from the list of wireless networks in range, and click Connect:

9. Type your network security key or passphrase, if you are prompted to do so, and click Connect. Your computer is now connected to your wireless network!


Q. The computer I want to install the wireless network adaptor to doesn't have internet access! What should I do?

A. Use a computer that does have internet access to download the following installation package file from the Digidave support website, click here to download the file. Burn this file to a CD, or put it on a memory stick, and take it to the computer you want to install the wireless adaptor to. Copy the file from the CD or memory stick to the desktop of the computer you want to install the wireless network adaptor to.

Q. The blue light is flashing on my wireless network adaptor - is this normal?

A. Yes, this is totally normal - it shows that the adaptor is sending and receiving information on the network. Please note: the light lights up only when installation is complete.

Q. I can connect to my wireless network, but I can't connect to web pages…

You need to make sure your wireless network adaptor is set to get an IP address from your router via DHCP. Right-click the Wireless Network Connection icon, click Properties, and choose Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties. Make sure Obtain an IP Address Automatically, and Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically, are both selected. Now try reconnecting.

For more info on the Netgear WG111v2 wireless adaptor, visit the Netgear product page here.

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