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Installing the Linksys PAP2 ATA

Here's how to connect up and configure the Linksys PAP2 ATA.

1. Connect the PAP2 to your phone using a telephone cable. Use the phone port "Line 1" on the back of the PAP2.

2. Connect the power supply to the PAP2, and plug it into a mains socket.

3. Connect the ATA to a free LAN port on your router using an Ethernet cable.

4. Pick up the phone receiver and dial ****
At the voice prompt dial 110#
You will then hear the device's IP address - take note of it.

5. Enter the IP address of the PAP2 into the address bar of a web browser and hit enter.

6. If you're prompted for a username and password, use username admin and password admin.

7. You'll now see the PAP2's configuration screen. Click Line 1 in the menu along the top - you can now configure the PAP2 with the account information and settings given to you by your VoIP provider.

For more information, visit the Linksys support page - click here.
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