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Configuring the Linksys WRT54GP2A Wireless Router for VoIP

The Linksys WRT54GP2A Wireless Router is unlockable for use with any SIP VoIP provider, but the page to enter the information is hidden. Please follow the method below carefully to configure for your VoIP provider:

1. Before you start, obtain your SIP account information from your VoIP provider.

2. Next, download the following 2 files to your desktop http://www.digidave.co.uk/IM/FAQ/sip.htm and http://www.digidave.co.uk/IM/FAQ/sipothers.htm

3. Connect your computer to LAN port 1 of the Linksys with an Ethernet cable.

4. Open a web browser and type into the address bar.
Username is admin and password is admin.

5. Next, open the sip.htm document downloaded on the desktop with a web browser. 6. Change the settings for your VoIP provider and hit Save Settings

7. At the message:
Settings are successfully.
This operation requires rebooting to take effect.
During this period, your Internet phone service will be unavailable.
Do you want to continue?, click YES

8. Next, open the sipothers.htm document downloaded on the desktop with a web browser.

9. In the subheading Provision paremeter, change the following:

Provision Enabled to '0'
Ignore Provision to '1'
Ignore Download cfg to '1'
Ignore Upgrade Firmware to '1'

10. Now connect the router to your WAN, and connect a phone to the VoIP port.

11. On the Linksys configuration menu, go to the tab Status and then Voice.

12. Make sure Auto Config Status says Not enabled

13. If your VOIP details are correclty entered, you should have:

Registration Status: Registered
Call1 Status: IDLE
Call2 Status: IDLE
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