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Installing the Softgate USB 54Mbps 802.11g Wireless AP/Router and connecting wirelessly to a Sony PSP

This first part of this article describes how to install the Softgate 802.11g USB Access Point to a computer running Windows XP, to allow you to share the internet connection on your computer to your Sony PSP wirelessly.

The second part of the article explains just how to discover and connect to the Softgate 802.11g USB Access Point with your Sony PSP wirelessly.

First, installing the adaptor

1. Insert the adapter to a free USB port.

2. Cancel the popup for Windows installation, as the CD will be used:

3. Insert the CD, it autoruns.

4. Click "Install USB softgate"

5. Choose language (English)

4. Click "Next"

5. Choose "I accept..."

6. Select "Customer", then "Next":

7. Click "AP Mode":

8. Click "Next", then "Install" - allow this to complete (can take a few mins)

9. The utility runs, with "Switch to Bridge mode, please wait" - allow this to finish.

10. Click "Router" from the top left-hand corner of the utility - "Switch to router modem, please wait" - allow this to finish:

Next, to set the PSP to communicate with the AP

1. First, power on the PSP, and set the PSP's WiFi switch to on (switch in lower position)

2. Pres the Home button on the front of the PSP, then go to Settings > Network Settings and press X button

3. Select "Infrastructure Mode" then press X button

4. Select "New Connection" then press X button

5. Leave the default connection name (or enter a name if you wish), press > on direction pad

6. Select "Scan" by pressing > on direction pad

7. The PSP scans with "Scanning...Please wait"

8. It finds the SSID of the nearby access points.

9. The SSID of the Softgate adaptor, by default, is Softgate-, with the computer's name after the "-" (for example, Softgate-CAROLINE, in my case) 10. Press x to accept this access point, then > on direction pad.

11. There is no security on the Softgate AP by default (although this can be configured later through the Utility if desired), so press > on direction pad

11. For address settings, select "Easy", press > on direction pad

12. The next screen is a summary of the settings, press > on direction pad

13. Press x to save the settings.

14. Now, to browse - click the Home key on the PSP, then go to web browser and enter a web address - your PSP is now online!

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