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1. Selecting the right products for you ... (52)
I need a power supply! How do I choose the correct one for my device?
What do I need to share my broadband Internet connection around my house with WiFi (wirelessly)?
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2. Getting your order right... (2)
What are the shipping costs if I buy more than one item from eBay (UK)?
I've bought the wrong item, can I change it?
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3. Paying for your order.... (4)
What kind of payment method does digidave prefer?
Can I send a cheque or a postal order?
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4. Once you've paid.... (5)
Delivery - Royal Mail 1st Class
General information for how we process your order
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5. After you've received your item.... (7)
I think my item may be faulty, what should I do?
I bought a item that turned out to be unsuitable, what should I do?
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6. Aftersales help and support (81)
My Netgear product didn't come with a CD! Where can I get the manual or drivers?
Why is there no serial number on my device?
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General help and useful info.... (9)
Networking guide and networking advice
Digidave Christmas Policy
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